Tuesday, December 16, 2008



China Airlines promotion!

Spot the sleepy student and win a trip to Hongkong-China-Hongkong

(air fare, hotel accommodation and pocket money for free!!)


Reezen TOT said...

hello there! thank you so much for visiting my site.. thanks for the comment as well and you were able to go straight to the point (please excuse me for using the English language because I am having a hard time explaining myself in Filipino. I don't mean to be arrogant (",) ). feel free to add some comments in my page.. =)

Twilight Zone said...

Naaah thats ok, in used to it(nose bleed hahaha)
thats a very nice post of you and i could not resist myself to leave a comment,i just love reading blog posts and i really admire people who have all the guts and talent to write(me just copy and paste nalang hahaha alang talent e)
Thanx too,for visiting me,defenitely will visit you again.

Reezen TOT said...

hehehe well that's awesome.. my brother has a total of 9 tattoos while i have a total of 4..

I just feel sorry for people who does not appreciate art in different forms..

sobrang baba at kitid ng kanilang isip

hindi ba nila alam na ang tattoo noong simula sa ating culture that if you are burado or painted, you belong to a hire rank or something.. lol

love ko din si twilight! lol pero i go for jacob black and emmet! lol

take care!


Reezen TOT

Twilight Zone said...

awesome,will have more on holiday lolz.
well regarding my username ek ek, wala pa yung movie na twilight ito na talaga gamit kong alias lol,gusto ko nga palitan e kc baka mamya someone ask me about twilight movie e wala naman akong kilala sa cast hahaha.