Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jokes...(yellow green jokes)

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Team Sex..

A young man in his late 20's goes into a bar, sits down and starts to have a beer. An attractive woman sits down beside him and starts flirting with him.
After a few more beers, she asks him to come home with her.
He notices that she is quite a bit older than him, so he comes out and asks her age.

She replies, "I'm 54."
He thinks to himself, Wow 54, that's kind of old, but oh well, there's not many other woman in here tonight and she is attractive.
So he goes home with her.
As they walk in the door, she says,

"How do you feel about team sex?"
The young man said,

"What do you mean?"
"You know, like mother daughter" she replied.

At this point, the man is thinking he's hit the jackpot.
This woman has a lovely young daughter that he's about to get lucky with.
He wholeheartedly agrees.
The woman yells up the stairs.......

"Mom, you still awake???"

Q: What are three, 2 - letter words that mean small...
A: "is it in"..?

Dentist Appointment..

One night a couple was lying in bed.

The husband was feeling frisky so he rolled over
and tapped his wife on the shoulder and started rubbing her arm.

The wife turns over and says

"I'm sorry honey, but I have a gynaecologist appointment tomorrow and I want to stay fresh."

Rejected, the husband turns over and tries to sleep.
A few minutes later he rolls over and whispers in her ear

"Do you have a dentist appointment, too?"


Reezen TOT said...

funny but mild.. =)

Twilight Zone said...

baka my himatayin pag hindi mild hahaha

Andro said...

The first joke... MEAT MEAT MEAT!

Second Joke.... If I were that guy... "OH PLEASE DON'T GET UP!"

Third Joke... I would have said: "Can't you feel my watch?"

Fourth Joke... La Di Da! Sneaky bastard really needed to get his rocks off!

Twilight Zone said...