Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Short Andro.


Thanks to Andro for this joke, Andro is behind the blog "MY THOUGHT EXACTLY" ( )

A student was caught with a cheat sheet...
Teacher: What's this?
Student: That's my prayer list.
Teacher: How come answers are written here then?
Student: Wow! My prayers have been answered

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo visited a mental hospital
Doc: Let's welcome Her Excellency President Arroyo.
(Everyone clapped except for one in the corner)
GMA: Doctor, how come that one in the corner is not clapping?
Doc: O pay him no mind Madam President. He is already cured.

Mister: What's for lunch?
Misis: It's on the table. You choose.
Mister: One dried fish? What else am I going to choose aside from this?
Misis: You choose... are you going to eat or not?

Iron Man
Doc: What happened to your ear?
Patient: I was ironing when somebody called and I accidentally picked-up
the hot iron and placed it on my ear.
Doc: How come your other ear is burned as well.
Patient: That son of a gun called again.

The Beggar
Beggar: Can you spare some change?
Young Man: Do you drink or smoke?
Beggar: I have no vices sir.
Young Man: Okay. You come with me.
I'll show my wife what becomes of a man without any vices.

A Dad and son went camping and prepared to sleep for the night
Son: Dad, I can't sleep, there are too many mosquitoes!
Dad: Turn off the light so they won't see us.
(So the son turned off the lamp and in comes a lot of fireflies)
Son: No use dad! The pesky mosquitoes brought flashlights.

Siopao (Meat Buns)
Customer: Miss, can I have a female meat bun?
Waitress: A female meat bun?
Customer: Yes. The ones with paper bottoms like a "napkin."
Waitress Oh, is that so? Sorry but all we have are males?
Customer: Male meat buns?
Waitress: Yes sir, they all have meat "balls" inside.


Silver said...


Gusto ko yung PGMA joke!! Hahahhaha...

Twilight Zone said...

@Silver, hahaha kaw talaga

Reesie said...


gusto ko talga basahin ang blog ni lee before ako magstart ng work.. to set my day..

thanks leeeeeeeee. :D

an2nette said...

Nice jokes, add kita sa blogroll ko ha, ikaw lang ba ang PG, ako din naman eh, kaya nga ang mga blog friend natin parang unan yan, pwedeng iyakan, yakapin, kaya kung gusto mo ng kaibigan, bumili ka ng unan, joke lang

Twilight Zone said...

@Reesie, salamat klasmeeeeyt,muah!

@An2nette, thanx at pwede ka din gawing unan hahaha at thanx sa pag add.