Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wohooo, its BEACH time...

(WARNING: da ingglis of this blog is full of wrong grammar, read at your own risk, dont blame me later, just ask for bonamine after reading this)

YuP, winter is approaching,and i must tell that I hate hate hate winter....why?
Why? I need a lot of clothes with me atleast, my knee/bones starts fighting each other, and my nose bleeds.

YuP, not only using english language makes my nose bleeds, also winter.
So, I start making a plan where to go this coming winter holiday, atleast to a tropical country.

Last summer, I spent my winter holiday to Brazil, where I confidently show my figure (giggling), but this time I must get a more revealing bikini and sexier than last holiday.

I was sooo giggle last summer, Its really fun to know that everyone's attention was mine hihihi, everyone are excited to get a snap with me, I was so famous that time, and everyone stalked me.

Oh, by the way, let me share you my pictures last holiday....

hihihi, see? they are all excited.

damn! everyone follows me.

even this child cannot resist my byuti.

i was sooo feeling famous with this paparazzi's

haaay, twas really fun.

haaaay, life is good.

bye folks, i must go, have a date this


Alkapon said...

Base..base ..base..

OMG... i don't what i can say..ha ha ha.. hilarious, ha ha ha

this is the most craziest bikini beach shows that i have ever seen..

Naging center of attraction siya tuloy sa beach, i think she did this intentionally para maging sikat.

dencios said...


pero in some point ang mahalaga ay masaya siya sa ginagawa niya.

beach naman kasi yun e


Lee said...

@Alkapon, ganun na nga yun.

@Dencios, masayang masaya nga e feeling artista lol